Converge students receive education that is designed to help them excel in their own unique ways.

Elementary students start their day with affective education, where they develop an understanding of their emotional and social behavior and learn to change it in the areas necessary to meet goals and improve relationships. They receive instruction at their diverse levels in math, science, social studies, reading, writing, music, drama, visual arts, and other subjects throughout the day with the support of therapy and behavior staff. Students at Converge are always encouraged to explore new and exciting possibilities in their academics and discover an academic routine that creates mental and emotional growth as well as a curiosity that will help them progress through school and beyond.

Junior High and High School students receive the same excellent instruction in their core and fine arts subjects as elementary with the addition of more advanced classes such as health and anatomy. Junior High and High School students are taught to independently self-assess and understand their thoughts and emotions so that they can progress toward more regulated states and more positive behaviors.

Converge teachers use creative and adaptive methods to get kids engaged with the fascinating things they learn about. Teachers attend the annual Colorado Facility Schools Kaleidoscope conference where they network with other special education professionals from around the state of Colorado. They also receive regular training on trauma informed care to ensure they can maintain a safe environment with the help of therapists and behavior staff. What's more, teachers are constantly researching and networking in order to gain new techniques to adapt to the unique needs of Converge students.

Converge also uses the iReady computer based learning system to provide instruction to students in conjunction with traditional classroom work. Just like teachers, the system adapts constantly to the progress and needs of students in order to create instruction that fits them. Students also participate in annual state-wide standardized testing.

Academic instruction at Converge is designed to meet students where they are and help them progress toward excellence.

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