We are off to a great start for High School and Junior High. In the classroom we are looking at our skills and communication. For Transitions, we are using communication and relationships to help us discover who we are and what we like for careers. As for our Specials, I am supporting three different groups on their outings, where we can apply what we have learned, and strategies being generalized into public settings. On Mondays, we go to the library and explore play, new subjects, and different genre reading materials. On Tuesdays, each group is learning Frisbee Golf, we have been lucky to have the President of Brushes Frisbee Golf Association every week to teach and support our game growth. Wednesday is our Special Olympics Bowling; all 3 groups are working hard getting ready for our annual Tournament on Oct 26th. Thursday for Elementary is Park day, While the 2 older groups are doing Community Service, job exploration and Career speakers, on site visits. So far, we have done work on the garden and shed area for a local House for a nonprofit agency. The older kids went out and cleaned pens for a supporter and horse ranch, helping the owner out greatly. I love the experiences and opportunities our kids are receiving. Friday ends the week with all 3 groups swimming, and it always amazes me how well they do, and water therapy does for our students. I look forward to moving more into Special Olympics, Get those physicals in Please! - Christine Johnson (Transition and PE/Community Activities)

In High School and Junior High School English they are working on Multiple meanings of words. In High school and Junior high Social Studies they are working on Regions of the United States of America, this includes the Northeast, Southeast, Midwest, Southwest, and West. In Elementary Social Studies they are working on the States and regions of the United States. - Darrin Baker (English and Social Studies)

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