In Mr. C's class, we're giving elementary students the building blocks they need for math and science. In E1 Math, we're learning to count fluently to 100 by 1's and 10's with the help of worksheets and coloring activities. In E2, we're covering double digit addition and subtraction, as well as basic money and time telling. In science, the younger kids are learning about the five senses while the older kids are getting a crash course in chemistry by learning how to classify matter, along with some fun labs! - Corbin Albaugh (Math, Science, Drama)

In Affective Education, both elementary groups are focusing on character development and goal setting, along with steps we can take to accomplish goals each day and in the future. In Language Arts, both elementary groups are working on poetry and short stories, including learning about story elements. The students are also working on writing and illustrating their own stories. They are also learning about parables and the moral lessons they teach. - Amy Innis (Literacy, art)

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